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Can’t Argue With Your Dry Reasoning

, , , , | Working | January 10, 2018

(We have just received a pizza delivery from a large chain pizza place. One of the pizzas does not have sauce, and the other only barely does. We call in.)

Me: “Yes, we just ordered pizza and the pizzas don’t have sauce.”

Pizza Guy: *shouting across the restaurant* “They got a pizza with no sauce!”

Pizza Manager: *after getting my information* “Ma’am, I made that pizza myself. That kind of sauce is very thin and light, and hard to find. We’re putting the regulation amount of sauce on.”

(My husband takes the phone.)

Husband: “We got this order last week and the sauce was fine. Now, there isn’t any.”

Pizza Manager: “Well, since I joined the team, just recently, we’ve had to crack down on people using far too much sauce. It costs [amount] for each bottle of sauce, and putting extra on costs the store [amount], which means that the owner is losing between $500 and $600 between all his restaurants from this.”

Husband: “Then I think we will have to find a different place to get pizza.”

Pizza Manager: “I’m sorry to hear that, but remember that you can select extra sauce when you order your pizzas, at no extra charge.”

Husband: *hangs up* “Why, if it costs nothing to get extra sauce, does putting enough sauce on the pizza cost the owner hundreds of dollars?”

(We go back to eating our dry pizza.)

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