Cannibalizing What’s Left Of This Date

| Romantic | May 15, 2017

(I am a very shy girl who doesn’t go on many dates, but after almost two years a cute boy from my college asks me out and I say yes. Being shy with strange interests, I try to relate to him and make conversation but find it much easier to let him talk about himself. The evening is fine until we are leaving the restaurant and pass a mural.)

Me: “Oh, I know that person. That’s [Famous Spirit in folklore].”

Date: “So you like ghosts and stuff? What kind of stuff do you watch?”

Me: “I like horror video games but most of my interests are in folklore stories and just general research in that kind of thing.”

(We talk about ghosts and horror as we walk down the road and at some point we switch to murderers but then…)

Date: “Do you wanna come back to my place? We can watch some anime and drink wine.”

Me: *thinking he’s kidding* “Asking a girl to your house on the first date after talking about cannibalism? Are you trying to be Jeffery Dahmer?”

Date: “Who?”

Me: “You don’t know…? He was a serial murderer and cannibal who would pick up dates in a bar and bring them home to sleep with them, but afterwards he killed them.”

Date: “Oh… gross… So anyway, wanna come to my place? We don’t have class tomorrow. You can stay the night and things can go slow.”

Me: *now alarmed as I’m uncomfortable and a little afraid due to his segue, as well as his forwardness on a first date, so I make excuses about work and hurry to my car*

Date: “I had a great night.” *holds my forearms in a gentle but firm grip* “Are you sure you can’t come over?”

(I nod, subtly trying to pull away.)

Date: “All right…”

(He slips his hand on my neck and tries to kiss me. I keep my face down and pull away. He looks surprised, and then kisses my forehead.)

Date: “Don’t worry, I won’t force you.”

(Now sure he won’t get a second date, I gave a wry smile and got into my car, driving away as fast as the speed limit would let me. I’m not sure if that was normal date behaviour, but in my book, you shouldn’t ask your date to your apartment on the first date. Especially after you’ve been talking about murderers who eat their dates.)

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