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Cane You Mind Your Own Business, Please?

, , , , | Learning | June 15, 2022

I am currently walking with a knee brace and an ankle brace. Sometimes I use a cane when the pain gets too bad. This happens while I am waiting for a (notoriously unreliable) elevator to get to one of my classes on the third floor. A chipper lady from administration walks up to me.

Lady: “You know, here at [College], we’re promoting health this month!”

Me: *Not really paying attention* “That’s great.”

Lady: “You know, taking the stairs would be a lot healthier for you! You could lose some weight!”

I stare pointedly at my immobilized leg and cane.

Me: “Ma’am?”

She walked away. I don’t think she even noticed. Lady, if I could take the stairs, I would!

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