Cane You Believe These Jerks?

, , , , , | Working | October 6, 2020

I use a cane, but most people don’t believe that someone as young as me needs one. Today has been the day from Hell. I’m tired and hurting, and I get onto the bus and basically collapse into a disabled seat. There are two sets of disabled seats, with four seats each. The rows of seats for everyone else continue normally after that.

A few stops later, three women with a stroller get on. They flip up the disabled seats to store the stroller in and sit next to me in the remaining disabled seats instead of in the row behind the stroller.

At the next stop, a guy with a walker boards. The bus driver looks at the fully occupied disabled seats, and says, “Young lady, you need to move.” I don’t realize he’s talking to me, but the women aren’t moving. He clarifies, “You with the cane. C’mon.”

Painfully, I drag myself up and hobble to the row behind the disabled seats. One of the women scoffs at me, while the disabled man says, “Shameful.”

It is a long bus ride, and I don’t move again until my stop comes. It is painful getting up, and when I get to sit back down, I finally cry. My friend, whom I was meeting, gives me some Tylenol for the pain. She helps me contact the bus company on their website.

They are actually really nice about it! They apologize for my trouble and promise to review the situation on their bus cameras.

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