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Candy Cane Disdain

| Right | December 22, 2016

(I work in a popular candy store. For major holidays, we have chocolate statues, such as turkeys for Thanksgiving, stuffed with candy pieces. For Christmas this year, we have snowmen. It’s December 23, and a woman comes into the shop.)

Customer: “Hi, I need something for a Christmas present.”

Me: “Yes, ma’am. We have several baskets on our shelves, varying in price, and our foils are buy one, get one free.”

Customer: “Do you have any of those?”

(She points to the last snowman, who is currently on display in a little bell jar. He’s defective, and has been on display for a month, so we cannot sell him.)

Me: “Unfortunately ma’am, he is our last one, and I cannot sell him. But we have several other—”

Customer: “What?! How can you not have any left two days before Christmas? You’re a candy store; you should always have them!”

Me: “Ma’am, we only make a limited number of them per holiday, and they sold out last week.”

Customer: “You should have them! You’re a candy store!”

(She stomped out without buying anything. Two hours later, my boss mentioned a call from an irate customer who claimed we were “sold out of everything!” and I’m willing to bet it was her.)

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