Candle You Tell the Difference?

| MN, USA | Right | November 11, 2016

(I have a booth at a local craft fair, and all my products are out. The craft fair is part of a much larger festival, so there are a lot of people walking around and looking. One woman, kid in tow, is walking past when her kid sees my stuff and calls her attention to it.)

Customer: “Oh, honey, I know what this is. It’s all that candle s***.”

(I do not, nor have I ever, made candles for sale, so none of what is displayed is a candle. Her kid is still pointing stuff out, so she apparently decides to teach them that Mommy knows best. She storms into my booth, where the following conversation happens:)

Customer: *smacks her hand on some of my products* “So, these are candles, right?”

Me: “No, ma’am, those are my small two-ounce lotions. They’re handmade and $2 each.”

Customer: *points to another product* “And what about those? Are those candles?”

Me: “No, ma’am, those are my wax melts, for wax burners. They’re also handmade and $3 each.”

Customer: *getting irritated as she fails to find candles in my booth* “Well, what about those? That’s those wickless candles, right?”

Me: “No, ma’am, those are my handmade soaps. They’re $4 each.”

Customer: *very irritated, to her kid* “See, it’s just all that candle s***!” *walks off*

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