Cancel Your Holiday So I Can Have Mine

, , | Right | October 7, 2020

Caller: “I have this gift voucher for a dinner for two, and I wanted to use it at the end of next month, but now I see that you have your annual closing time at that time and won’t be open.”

Me: “Yes, that is correct, we are closed from the seventeenth onwards for one month.”

Caller: “My request is if you can just open up the hotel for me so I can have dinner on the date I want.”

Me: “But at that time, the hotel is going to be dark and cold, and we are all on holiday. Please use the voucher another date, or at one of the many other restaurants that accept it.”

Caller: “I think you are being very uncooperative. Why can’t you come back from your holiday and just let me in?”

Me: “I will be on holiday in Turkey, 1700 miles away.”

Caller: “So? I am severely disappointed with your service attitude!”

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