Canadian Politeness Is XL

, , , | Working | September 28, 2017

I was working in a gift shop at a popular amusement park, and there were only two weeks left until we closed for the season, so all the staff were getting pretty laid back.

We had these sweatshirts that kept falling off their hangers, because only sizes XL and 2XL were left.

One of my workers got so annoyed at these sweatshirts that she just yanked them off the rack and threw them in the back room. Our boss didn’t like that, so she tried another tactic. She just left the sweatshirts in precarious positions on the hangers, waiting for guests to knock them over. Because we Canadians are so polite, the customers would stop and hang the sweatshirts back up themselves, saving us the trouble.

I thought it was brilliant.

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