Canada Is Higher Up

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This story is from my girlfriend’s mom. One time she went on vacation and hired a neighbourhood girl to house-sit while she was gone. During their trip, she and her friend picked out a cute t-shirt with a maple leaf pattern as a thank-you gift for the girl. Upon their return, she went to the girl’s house and was greeted by her mother. She told her how much she appreciated her daughter looking after her house while she was away, and asked her to give her the shirt. Her mother sternly told her that it was not appropriate, and refused to accept the shirt.

Confused, she went back home and told her own daughter what had happened, asking why such a kind gesture would have been met with such hostility, holding the shirt out to her.

My girlfriend then had to explain to her that the print was not, in fact, “cute maple leaves.” It was marijuana leaves.

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