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Canada: America’s Hat, Part 10

, , , , , | Friendly | March 6, 2019

(I can’t help but overhear the following conversation between two girls sitting behind me in math class.)

Girl #1: “So, I guess [Guy] is going to visit this summer from Canada.”

Girl #2: “Oh, when’s he flying in?”

Girl #1: “I think he said he was driving, but wait, that can’t be right. How could he be driving in from another country?”

Girl #2: “No no, Canada is connected to America over, like, New York. I have cousins there in Ontario.”

Girl #1: “But [Guy] said he was coming through, like, Washington and s***.”

Girl #2: “Hey, yeah, that can’t be right. That’s on the west coast with us. Canada’s not there! That’s like Alaska and Montana and s*** above that. What part of Canada is he in?”

Girl #1: “Um… Albertia, or something, but that’s not Canada… is it?”

Girl #2: “No, that’s not Canada. I don’t know what that is but it’s not Canada. Canada isn’t over on this side… Wait. Is it?!”

Girl #1: “So, if we’re in the west… and Canada’s in the east like New York… Wait, yeah, how could it be over here, too?!”

Girl #2: “I think [Guy] is f****** lying to us!”

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