Can You Smell The Love Tonight, Part 16

| Romantic | February 14, 2015

(This was when my husband and I were still dating, about 18-20 months in. We are laying in bed chatting before going to sleep.)

Husband: *offhand* “You know sometimes I can only tell if you’re really asleep when you start farting.”

Me: “What?! Do I fart a lot in my sleep?!”

Husband: “Yes, but it’s good! I know you’re actually totally relaxed when you fart! I know you don’t always sleep well. They’re reassuring farts.”

Me: “Oh, my GOD! Did you have to tell me?! Now I don’t want to sleep!”

Husband: *continuing absently* “I think it’s also some kind of defense mechanism, because when I startle you or tickle you, you fart then, too.”

Me: *laughing uncontrollably by this point but horribly embarrassed* “Stop! No more talking about me farting!”

Husband: *earnestly* “No! Like I said! I love you, so you have reassuring farts!”

(To this day we still laugh about me and my ‘reassuring farts!’)


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