Can You Smell The Love Tonight, Part 14

| Romantic | October 7, 2014

(It’s the weekend and I’m about to text my boyfriend to ask if he’s awake yet, not wanting to call and wake him up. Before I can send it, he texts me, so I then proceed to call him.)

Boyfriend: “Hey.”

Me: “Hey, I was just gonna text and ask if you’re awake, but you answered that for me.”

Boyfriend: “Oh, I’m not actually awake right now.”

Me: “Wow, you’re impressive when you’re asleep!”

Boyfriend: “Of course I am. I can do all sorts of amazing things while I’m asleep. You should know.”

Me: “In my experience it’s mostly farting.”

Boyfriend: “Are you saying that’s not impressive??”

Me: “Oh, no. They’re definitely impressive!”

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