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Can We Fire Clients’ Employees? Please?

, , , , , | Working | August 1, 2022

I met with the owner of a small nightclub to discuss designing several items for him. I’d never seen this guy before, but he asked me to visit his business so he could show me this printed poster that he loves as an inspiration for my work.

When I arrived at the nightclub, I was greeted by someone and he introduced himself by name as the owner. He escorted me back to his office, told me to sit down, and angrily gestured to the poster on his desk.

Client: “Do you always design nightclub posters that look as if they have been drizzled in [ejaculate], set on fire, s*** on, used for target practice outside with a shotgun, and then scanned into the computer like some sort of f****** JOKE?! I mean, I’ll still pay you for the work here, bro, but this s*** is f****** pathetic and you should be ashamed. My ten-year-old boy could do better s*** than you, f****** joke!  Now, what do you have to say for yourself, a**hole?”

After a long silence…

Me: “You know, that’s not my work… You called me in here to take a look at it for reference.”

At this point, another person entered the office and started yelling at the client.

Actual Client: “What the f*** are you doing back here? Go back to work!”

Apparently, one of the bartenders had decided to play a prank on the designer scheduled to come in for a meeting by posing as the boss.

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