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Can Someone Tell Him What X-Men Is REALLY About And Watch His Mind Explode?

, , , | Right | October 22, 2020

I’m a straight male in my thirties. I’m at a comic book shop picking up the newest issue of a comic called “Life is Strange,” which is a sequel to a video game about a teenage girl who learns she can time-travel. I am a big fan of the game, so I’ve been excited about the comics. I pick up the issue and an action figure I think would look cool on my computer desk and head toward the register. Another person is behind me, and he notices the comic in my hand.

Customer: “What the heck is that?”

I give him a brief rundown of the comic.

Customer: “That sounds dumb to me.”

Me: “Well… I’m sorry, I guess. But I like the characters and the story.”

Customer: *Becoming aggressive* “I don’t like all this PC garbage! They shouldn’t even be carrying that crap here! Everything is all for girls and [slur for homosexuals] and casuals now!”

Me: “Okay, dude. It’s not like you have to read it. I like it. End of story.”

Customer: “You’re part of the problem. People like you are ruining things for everyone else.”

I am through with his attitude.

Me: “Dude… I’m not ‘ruining’ anything. You still have your comics. The existence of this one doesn’t change that. Leave me alone.”

He continues on a tirade behind me for the next thirty or so seconds. I ignore him. Finally, the cashier motions me forward and chimes in, pointing to the customer behind me.

Cashier: “You keep that up, you’re banned. I am so done with you coming in and starting s*** with other people. We carry stuff all people like. Not stuff just for you. Grow up.”

This customer threw a hissy fit, slamming his books down and storming out. The cashier was pretty awesome to me. I ended up getting a discount on the action figure. It was nice to see someone with an actual backbone running a store for once.

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