I Can Be A Real Dish(washer)

, , , | Working | March 30, 2018

(A bunch of new hires have been added, including myself. My job as a dishwasher is to wash the plates and pots, dry them, stack them, and put them away. I have no problem with the first three tasks, but the last one gives me back problems, so I usually wait until the last minute to do it. This aggravates the cooks.)

Cook #1: “She won’t put away the dishes. She’s so lazy. I hate these newbies.”

Cook #2: “Don’t blame us newbies. She’s just a weak woman.”

(Soon after, [Cook #2] gets demoted to dishwashing with me. As usual, I’m letting the dishes stack up on the cart neatly.)

(Formerly) Cook #2: “What are all these dishes for, a party?!”

Me: “No, you can put them away if you want.”

(Shocked that I didn’t get his sarcasm, he huffed and did so. That’s the last time I saw him, due to his constantly calling out of work. I guess even dishwashing was too much for him.)

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