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Can It, Mother!

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(I am in a supermarket with my mother. She swipes an empty, non-shoplifted cola can from my hand and stuffs it on a shelf.)


Mother: *hushed tone* “It’s their job to pick it up.”

Me: “That’s because there are people like you who can’t be bothered to put trash in the trash can!”

Mother: “There’s no trash can!”

Me: *points to trash can* “There’s one, like, ten feet away, just over there!”

(This isn’t the only thing about shopping we disagree on; I used to put back things other customers had decided they didn’t need and left in some random section of the store, to make the employee’s jobs easier, and she was annoyed to no end by this. I don’t do it anymore. The way I see it, if you leave baby formula in the booze section, you deserve judgement by strangers, but she’s not a fun person to shop with when she has plenty of time to do it.)

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