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Can I Return This Judgy Cashier, Please?

, , , , , | Working | July 15, 2020

I receive an iced tea pitcher and a lemonade pitcher as gifts, but as I don’t drink either iced tea or lemonade, I opt to return them. They are both from the same store and have a gift receipt so I figure it will be easy.

Me: “I need to return these, please. Here are the gift receipts. Cash would be ideal, but store credit is okay.”

Cashier: “Why are you returning them?”

Me: “Oh, there’s nothing with them. I just don’t have any use for them.”

Cashier: “Well, if they’re working fine, why return them?”

Me: “Because I don’t want them.”

Cashier: “But why not just donate them?”

Me: “But I have the gift receipt right here.”

Cashier: “Isn’t it a little selfish to return a gift?”

After a pause to make sure I really heard that, I say:

Me: “I need to return these. Now.”

Cashier: *Grumbling* “Okay, but you could just donate them.”

This was years ago; I can’t remember if I was able to get cash or store credit, but I did get the full value indicated by the gift receipt for whichever option I was able to do.

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