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Can Hear Her Saying “Two Miles” From Five Miles Away

, , , , | Right | September 20, 2021

Our delivery area is kind of strange. We go three miles in one direction but only one mile in the other. I don’t understand how they determined our delivery area.

I answer the phone and the lady on the other end is immediately on the offensive.

Caller: “Hi. I’d like to order some pizzas for delivery and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t deliver to me! I’m only two miles from where you are. Two miles! If you don’t deliver to me, I’m going to go to [Competitor]!”

Me: “Okay. May I have your address, please?”

She gives it to me, and I immediately know that this is not in our delivery area, but I put it into the ordering computer anyway just to be sure.

Me: “I’m sorry. But you are not in our delivery area.”


Me: “I understand, ma’am. Our delivery area is shaped pretty weirdly, but I think corporate has plans to build another store in your area.”

Caller: “TWOOOOOO MIIIIIIILES! I guess I’m going to [Competitor], then, if you won’t deliver to me!”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am. I’m not allowed to take a delivery order outside our area.”

Caller: *In a very condescending tone* “Looks like I’m going to [Competitor]!”

Me: “Have a nice day.”

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