Can Handle 3CPS: 3 Customers Per Second

, , , , | Right | January 9, 2021

I’m a cashier attendant at a self-checkout. We often pull customers with small orders from the regular registers to the attendant station to get them through the lines faster, but in order to do this, we have to control one of the checkout machines.

My manager brings an elderly customer over to me and asks me to check out his pack of batteries. I take over one of the machines, leaving two that do not have any customers on them.

As I’m scanning the batteries, another elderly man comes to the register that I am running from my attendant station. I call over to him.

Me: “Sir? That machine is currently being used, but the two machines just behind you are open.”

Instead of just taking his few items to one of the open machines, he starts yelling at me.

Man: “I should be able to use this machine! Why isn’t this one working?!”

He finally turns around to use the machine behind him, but while he was yelling, some other customers came up and started using the ones I told him were open. Of course, that is my fault, so he starts yelling at me again.

Meanwhile, I am still trying to get the elderly gentleman with the batteries to pay, but he cannot figure out where the PIN pad is — despite my showing him — or how to use it when he does find it — refusing to let me help him. 

Another machine finally opens up for the man yelling at me and I get him checking out on that one. The man with the batteries figures out paying and leaves. Then, the second man finishes his order, sees the original machine is now open again, and starts yelling at me again.

Man: “I should have been able to check out there!

All I could do by that time was say, “Goodbye, sir,” and turn away from him. 

At my store, turning away from a yelling customer could have gotten me into trouble for being impolite to the customer, but my managers knew I was the one to handle tough customers. If I had reached the point of ignoring a yelling customer, they deserved it.

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