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Can Get Pregnant With Your Eyes Closed

| Related | March 28, 2013

(My dad has begrudgingly approved of my relationship with my boyfriend. At the family dinner, I am explaining to my parents why I didn’t come home the night before. My little brother is listening in.)

Me: “Well, the snow was really bad and I was exhausted. [Boyfriend] said I should just stay the night.”

Dad: “Hmm, alright. You shouldn’t be hanging out with him if you’re that tired during the day.”

Me: “I’ll try not to make it a habit.”

Brother: “So… you spent the night at his place?”

Me: “Yes, I did.”

Brother: “In the same bed?”

Me: “Yes, I did.”

(My brother looks serious.)

Brother: “Okay, but make sure you don’t sleep to close to him.”

Me: “Why’s that?”

Brother: “If you sleep to close to him, you’ll get pregnant!”

Me: “I… what? What do you mean?”

Brother: “In class, we saw this video. The boy and girl slept in the same bed, and they got too close, and then she was pregnant!”

Me: “That’s not quite how it—”

(My dad gives me a look.)

Me: “Okay, I promise I won’t sleep to close to him next time.”

(My little brother looks proud of himself.)

Brother: “Good.”

(He continues eating dinner.)

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