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Can Finally Let Her Hair Down

| Learning | May 16, 2014

(I have hip-length hair which I only put up in my Spanish class because the girl who sits behind me likes to pull it. On this day, a bit of my hair has escaped its bun and she yanks it hard. The teacher is standing in front of us and witnesses it.)

Me: “Ow! Don’t do that!”

Classmate: “Well, it’s nasty! Keep your dirty disgusting hair off my desk!”

Me: “You could have just said it was loose!” *I fix my hair* “And it’s not dirty! I washed it this morning when I took a shower.”

Classmate: “Well, it’s still nasty! Hair as long as yours is just disgusting!”

Teacher: “Señorita [Classmate], quit pulling Señorita [My Name]’s hair. Señorita [My Name], please move your desk up so that she can’t touch your hair.” *she smiles at me* “Your hair is very pretty and definitely clean. I can smell your shampoo from here.” *glaring at my classmate* “If you pull her hair one more time, you’re going to regret it.”

(I scoot my desk up so that it’s nowhere near hers. The next day, I make a point to mousse my hair and wear it in a braid. I tuck my braid behind me so that it’s trapped between me and the chair. I suddenly feel a sharp tug on my hair.)

Me: *without turning around* “Stop pulling my hair you stupid tw*t! It’s nowhere near your desk!”

Teacher: *shouting from the back of the room* “Señorita [My Name]!”

(Without thinking, I whip around in my seat and my braid smacks my classmate in her eye.)

Me: “Yes, Señora [Teacher]?”

Teacher: *grinning* “That’s all I needed. Gracias, Señorita [My Name]!”

(Needless to say, my classmate never touched my hair again.)

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