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Can Come Up With Puns In Your Sleep

, , , , | Friendly | October 25, 2016

(At the time, my roommate is planning for a trip to New York City to visit her mother and see a few Broadway shows.)

Roommate: “I know when I get there I’m sure I’ll feel fine and I’ll really enjoy everything, but right now, I’m just so tired! It’s hard to imagine having the energy for it all at the moment.”

Me: “I can see it now. The next big Broadway show: ‘Naps!’”

(She laughs, then thinks for a minute. Then…)

Roommate: “It’ll be a sleeper hit!”

Me: *groans*

Roommate: *laughing* “It’ll be an OVERNIGHT sensation!”

Me: *groans louder* “Stop!”

Roommate: “Wait, wait, one more! How can it be popular… in ‘the city that never sleeps’?!”

(I threatened to spray her with the squirt bottle we use on the cats.)

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