Came Pre-Installed With The Store

| Working | January 29, 2017

(I’m a few years older than my boss, and I also have technical seniority over him; of all of us who work at our small store, I’m the only remaining employee who was hired when it first opened several years ago. We’ve just brought in a seasonal worker for the holiday, and I describe my relationship with the manager by saying that “He’s like the little brother I never wanted.” The three of us are working one day when it’s very slow, so the manager and I get into a discussion about his wardrobe. It quickly turns into a playful banter, and the new guy is laughing.)

Me: “See? I told you. He’s like the little brother I never wanted.”

Boss: “Yeah, well, you’re the employee I never wanted.”

Me: “Too bad for you; I came with the store!”

(New Guy cracked up at this. He’s already expressing disappointment at having to leave when the season is over.)

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