Calming The Storm

, , , | Right | February 10, 2020

Me: “Thank you for calling [Company]. This is [My Name]. How may I help you?”

Caller: “I’m calling to check on my order that I placed last week, because I haven’t received it yet.”

Me: “I’m so sorry you haven’t received your order yet. Do you have your order number?”

Caller: “Yes, it’s [number].”

(I pull up the order and its tracking information.)

Me: “I show that the order is out for delivery today.”

Caller: “Can you tell me why it’s taking so long? They told me that I would receive it on the 7th, and today is the 10th!”

Me: “Yes, I do show that it was originally scheduled for delivery on Friday the 7th, but the tracking information indicates that there was a delay due to bad weather, so [Shipping Company] rescheduled delivery for the next business day, which is today.”

Caller: “Oh, yeah, I do remember that there were really bad storms going through Friday and Saturday. I guess I can understand why they couldn’t deliver it.”

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