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Calm Down, Lady (Bug)

, , , | Working | October 27, 2020

I order a hot chocolate at a popular café. The only other customer in the shop is looking at the displayed sandwiches — there are only a few choices left — when she speaks to the server in a friendly and informative way.

Customer: “Excuse me? I think there is a bug in that sandwich there.”

And would you look at that? There is a single ladybug on top of the last sandwich, probably as confused as us customers as to how it got there. 

The server seems less surprised, taking out the sandwich, looking at it, and then putting it back. 

Server: “Oh!” *Laughs* “That’s there for good luck!”

I’m getting my drink a minute later and still, the ladybug is eating away at its meal. I say, just a little bit louder:

Me: “TOO BAD you have to take care of it. Wouldn’t want to have more luck because of that ladybug, hm?”

He tried to hide it, but he gave me this, “Ugh, customers,” look and finally removed it from the case.

I don’t know the standard way to deal with this, but I wouldn’t want to see him remove bugs and then put it back into the case. 

If the next customer doesn’t know, is there a problem? I was taught not to waste food but… First world problems? What do you guys think?

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