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Calling It Quits For This Millennium

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I work in IT, so I set up a lot of new starters and process people leaving the business. As with every call centre, we have a fairly high turnover of seasonal staff, but a core of long-termers who have been here for more than ten or even twenty years. The long-termers like to complain about the young new starters a lot, that they’re work-shy, not prepared to go over and above, don’t enunciate properly on the phone, things like that. I used to argue with them that the stereotype of the “entitled millennial” was totally false, until today.

I was asked to disable an account of a 20-year old man who had been here less than two weeks. In those two weeks, he had not once turned up on time, took 20 minute cigarette breaks three or four times a day without asking his team leader, frequently “forgot” to log himself back into his phone when returning to his desk, and had at least two complaints logged about his customer service already.

Apparently it was “too difficult” to get up early enough to get here on time, and he found the job “too hard.” It’s answering the phone to people with broken electrical products. He’s had an expert sitting with him to help every day, and a team leader to escalate to should he need to.

On his leaving form, he put his official reason for leaving as “parking too difficult.” Well, if he showed up on time, that wouldn’t have been an issue!

Of the five other newbies who started the same day he did, one left on the first day as he “doesn’t do call centres.” What did he think he was interviewing for? The other four seem very keen and are getting along well.

Oh, how I wish I could just quit a job because I didn’t like getting up in the morning!

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