Calling For Backup Without Actually Calling For Backup

| Working | February 13, 2015

(I have a stuttering problem that is often under control, except for when I have to talk for an extended period of time. Being put on register, repeating the same phrases, makes this stutter worse and I begin to flub my words, or say the wrong phrases. I am assigned to register duty for my entire shift, even though I normally work stock. We have a code we use over the intercom to request for backup if the lines get too long.)

Me: *going to the speaker so I can call for backup* “Next customer, please! Wow…”

(I immediately catch myself as to what I have just said, and start laughing INTO the speaker while paging for backup.)

Coworker & Manager: *both come up to the register to see me and several customers on the line laughing; they themselves are laughing as well*

Me: “Can you tell I’ve been up here for too long?”

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