Caller Causes Chaos, But Is Cold-heartedly Calm

, , , , | Right | November 26, 2018

Content Warning: Car Accident.

I work at an inbound call center that answers for roughly 400 different companies, one of those being an American car-sharing program. I got a call, and the woman on the other end casually informed me that she had just been in an accident.

I asked if she’d had a collision with an object or another person; she replied that it was involving another person. I asked if she’d gotten the other person’s info.

Her response was, “No, because he is not alive anymore.”

It took me a couple seconds to process that, and I continued with the accident report.

The kicker is, the entire time I was filling everything out, she was sitting there complaining about the cold, and kept asking how much longer it was going to take.

That’s what was the most unsettling part of the call: the fact that she had just killed a guy — accidentally, but still — and did not seem to care at all.

Not something I’m going to forget any time soon!

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