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Caller, Call Thyself

, , | Right | December 5, 2019

(A lady has left her cell phone behind on our counter. Our department’s phone rings.)

Me: “[Store]’s [department], this is [My Name]; how can I help you?”

Lady: “Do you see a black [Brand] cell phone on your counter?”

Me: “Yes! Did you want to come in tonight to pick it up?”

Lady: “Yes, please.”

Me: “Great! I’ll put it under the counter for you. Could I have a phone number to contact you just in case?”

Lady: “Yes, it’s [phone number].”

Me: “Perfect! We’ll have this for you at the [department] counter on the third floor.”

Lady: “Okay. By the way, the number that I gave you is the cell phone that you have there.”

Me: “Could you please give me a different phone number, just in case?”

Lady: *sighs* “Fine, I’ll give you my husband’s cell phone number.”

Question of the Week

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