Called It Quits

| Learning | April 1, 2014

(I’m on a field trip with my school. I’m sharing a room with two friends, so it gets a little crazy during the night. However, we keep quiet and reasonably calm. During the night, the phone rings. We ignore it, thinking it was a wrong number. However, we hear the girls in the room next to us giggling.)

Friend #1: “Ugh, are they calling everyone? They’re so annoying.”

Me: “If they call again, hand the phone to me.”

Friend #2: “Why? What are you gonna do?”

Me: “You’ll see.”

(We wait, and they call again a couple minutes later. I pick up the phone.)

Me: “This is Mrs. [Teacher]. If you don’t stop calling people, we will call your parents to get you. Goodnight.”

(We could hear the girls next door get quiet. During breakfast the next morning, they were all sitting silently and avoiding eye contact with the teachers. Later on the bus, I start talking with one.)

Teacher: “Yeah, we heard some people were calling other rooms, but they said they called a teacher by accident. Funny thing is none of us got a call all night.”

Me: “Uhm… that might have been me.”

(I told her what happened. She laughed, and bought me lunch that day.)

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