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Call Of Duty: Misogynist Warfare

| Working | August 22, 2012

Me: “I’d just like to get this today.”

Employee: “Do you want to do any preorders? Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is coming out this fall.”

Me: “Sorry, but no thanks. My husband is in the military, and we’re expecting to be moved overseas this summer, so we’re doing all of our fall preorders online.”

Employee: “Sure, cool.”

Manager: “Do you need to see the release dates for the chick games instead?”

Me: “Excuse me?”

(The manager produces a release date list with certain titles highlighted in pink).

Me: “Um, no thanks.”

Manager: “We see your type in all the time.”

Me: “Um, okay. No, I’ll stick with what I’ve got. I don’t actually have a 3DS.”

Employee: “That will be [amount]. Do you have a rewards card?”

(I’m not feeling very comfortable with this store, so I decide to take my business to another branch where I know the management is less judgmental.)

Me: “Yes. Can you move my Ghost Recon and Kingdoms of Amalur preorders to [next closest branch location]?”

Employee: “Yes…” *sighs* “I’ve been doing that a lot lately…”

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