Call Of Duty: Misogynist Warfare, Part 7

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I’m the manager of a local video game store. I’ve run it with no real problem for years and recently decided to expand to a couple of major card games. A few months after I do so, I have a guy come in to trade in a handful of singles. I’m a female in my late twenties, though I’ve been told I look younger.

Customer: “I wanna see what these are worth.”

Me: “Sure, I’ll check out what they’re worth on the computer.”

I check their values. Unfortunately, while the cards are neat, they’re not worth more than a few dollars total. I bring them back over to the counter.

Me: “So, it looks like I can give you [low amount] for these.”

Customer: “No, one of those alone is worth [higher amount].”

Me: “I went through and got the values for all of them. This one here is worth the most at [amount].”

Customer: “I want your boss to check, not some eye candy cashier.”

One of my regulars, who’s nearby on a demo machine, overhears. He’s very obviously trying not to laugh.

Me: “You want the manager?”

Customer: “Yeah! You obviously did something wrong!”

Me: “Sure.”

I go into the back, where my boyfriend is working on some inventory. He technically doesn’t work for me, but he pitches in sometimes when it’s busy. I tell him someone wants to speak to a manager after I helped them. My boyfriend rolls his eyes and comes out to the counter.

Boyfriend: “Is there an issue here?”

Customer: “Yeah, your s***ty cashier lowballed me on my cards. I know they’re worth more!”

Boyfriend: “Are these the cards?”

Customer: “Yeah!”

My boyfriend takes them and checks them, again, on the computer. He comes back and sets them on the counter.

Boyfriend: “They’re worth [low amount] total. What did she tell you?”

Customer: “There’s no way you guys are gonna give me a s*** offer like that. I wanna talk to the owner! Call him!”

The regular now just bursts out laughing. The card guy turns to look at him.

Customer: “What’s so d*** funny?!”

Regular: “You dumb f***! She is the owner!”

The card guy looks at me.

Customer: “No way. She’s too young and too d*** stupid to run a place like this!”

Boyfriend: “Yeah, you know what? I don’t think we need these cards.” 

Customer: “What?!”

Me: “Yeah, I’m gonna take back my offer. You could always try eBay.”

He looks like he’s about to yell at us, but then he picks up his cards and leaves. My boyfriend shakes his head and heads back into the back room.

Regular: “D***, I love this place.”

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