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Call Of Duty: Misogynist Warfare, Part 6

, , , , | Right | October 26, 2020

I own a local video game store. I occasionally host tournaments, and the prize or prize money is something usually high-value, such as a $100 gift card. All of the signups for the tournament are done ahead of time, but occasionally, I will take people who show up the day of if there’re still slots open. Today, I’m hosting a tournament for Super Smash Bros. I’m female.

Me: “All right, so we have [short list of names] for the first bracket!”

Random Guy: “Which bracket am I in?”

Me: “What’s your name?”

Random Guy: “[Random Guy].”

I check my list. He’s not on there. I look at my signup list and he’s not on there, either.

Me: “Huh, I don’t have you on my lists. When did you sign up?”

Random Guy: “Oh, I never did. But I was told I could just show up!”

Me: “You’re welcome to spectate, and if tournament day comes around and there’re still spots open, yes, you could sign up, but since I filled up on spots about a week ago there’s no way to do that.”

Random Guy: “Well, the owner said I could!”

He has a smug look on his face. One of my regulars looks at him.

Regular: “The owner did? Really?”

Random Guy: “Yeah! He said to show up and he’d find me a spot!”

All of my regulars start laughing. The random guy suddenly looks unsure and confused.

Random Guy: “What? He did!”

Me: “Buddy, then you got lied to. I’m the owner. I never tell people they can show up the day of and be guaranteed a spot.”

Random Guy: “But… you’re a girl!”

Me: “Yeah, what about it?”

Random Guy: “Girls don’t play video games! You probably just got hired to look pretty!”

My regular hands me his controller.

Regular: “How about you two fight one-on-one? If girls can’t play video games, it’ll be an easy win.”

Everyone pretty much agrees for us to play. The random guy jumps at the chance. We start… and he loses miserably. Once the game is over, he dumps his controller on a table and storms out.

Regular: “So, are you gonna tell him you’re the top player of this game in pretty much the whole city?”

Me: “No, girls don’t play video games.”

Now any time they sign up, my regulars ask if they can “just show up” to get a spot.

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