Call Of Duty: Misogynist Warfare, Part 4

| Working | September 23, 2013

(My older sister and I are buying ‘Ape Escape 3’ to play together. We go up to the counter and a worker I’ve never seen before is there.)

Me: “Hi, could we please buy this? I also have [store reward card].”

(I give him the game and card. He puts the game back where it was on the shelf.)

Sister: “What are you doing?!”

New Employee: “That game would be too hard for a couple of stupid girls like you.”

(I am offended, as I love video games and I am intelligent.)

Me: “Okay, I don’t want to deal with this. Is [employee I am friends with] here today?”

New Employee: “Fine, but he will just say the same thing.”

(The new employee gets my friend, and my sister gets the game again.)

My Friend: “Why did you call me out here?”

(The new employee explains what has happened.)

My Friend: “Okay, let me get this straight: you aren’t letting [Me] and her sister buy a video game just because they’re girls?”

(The new employee nods.)

My Friend: “You idiot. [My Name] is a frequent buyer here! She loves RPG games like Dragon Quest, Pokémon and Ape Escape, so let her buy the d*** game!”

(We get the game and take it home. A week later I go back to get ‘Dragon Quest VI,’ and I see that the new employee isn’t there. I ask my friend about it.)

My Friend: “Yeah, apparently he did the same thing to heaps of other girls, and he even got an extra $300 from an old man who was buying a video game system for his grandson’s birthday. He got fired!”

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