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Call Of Duty: Misogynist Warfare, Part 2

| Working | October 29, 2012

(I am trying to exchange a lousy video game that came bundled with a previous game I purchased, which is within the store’s policy. Note that while I’m an avid gamer, I’m often told I don’t “look” like a gamer.)

Employee #1: “Okay, we’ll put the balance on a gift card for you.”

Me: “Thanks!”

Employee #1: “So what was this, a joke gift?”

Me: “I know right, [title] is a horrible game. Why even bother? I guess they have to give it away to make shelf room.”

Employee #1: “No. I mean because of you.”

Me: “Sorry?”

Employee #1: “Because you’re… I mean, look at you: you obviously don’t play games. So, whoever got this for you was just trying to mess with you. Girls who play video games are fat and ugly.”

Me: “Actually, I am a gamer. I’m returning this game because it’s awful. I can’t even wade through the miserable plot since the physics engine is subpar and the graphics are hilariously dated, though I suppose that’s to be expected by [development company]. Plus, I’m not into this genre; I much prefer FPS games. Just because I don’t look like your ignorant assumption doesn’t mean I couldn’t kick your ass on any game, any day. It’s really rude of you to assume a gamer girl has to look a certain way to enjoy video games. It makes you come off like an a**hole to have such closed-minded, verbal assumptions.”

Employee #1: *stares open-mouthed*

(Employee #2, who was next to Employee #1 the whole time bursts out laughing.)

Employee #2: “D***, [Employee #1], she told you! That’s what you get though, dude. You kinda deserved that one!”

Call Of Duty: Misogynist Warfare

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