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Call 911: We’ve Got A Serious Case Of Insensitivity

| Right | July 22, 2011

(I am a supervisor at a hotel in the Canadian Rockies. This particular day, I am on duty alone and on the phone with a caller when this takes place.)

Guest: *shouting* “Call 911 now!”

(I glance up from the phone call to see that a guest has collapsed in the lobby.)

Me, on the phone: “There is an emergency and I need to put you on hold.”

(I put him on hold to call 911. I alert the paramedics and begin first aid on the fallen guest. In the meantime, my boss goes behind the desk to assist other clients. He notices there is a call on hold and picks up.)

Boss: “Yes, sir. I understand, sir, however, there is a legitimate emergency taking place in the lobby as I speak which she had to attend to.”

Caller: *inaudible*

Boss: “Yes, I understand your time is important, as is your business, however, I am sure you can appreciate why she was called away so abruptly.”

Caller: *inaudible*

Boss: “That’s fine, sir, you can have your lawyer contact us if you deem it necessary.”

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