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Cake Beats Pi

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(My brother has struggled with maths all his life, but he always manages to get decent grades through discipline and lots of hard work. In his final years of high school, however, he gets a particularly mean maths teacher who hates students, and thinks they’re all lazy and exist for no other purpose than to make her life miserable. Nearly all of her classes get an average of D or sometimes even F, but it never occurs to her that it might be due to her awful teaching. During my brother’s last few weeks of high school, most teachers play games or watch movies with the students, because all grades are already set, but not this one. One day, my mother and I are in the kitchen, preparing lunch.)

Mother: “[Brother] should be home any minute now, and we just finished cooking! What great timing!”

(Ten minutes pass, no sign of my brother.)

Mother: “I wonder what’s taking him so long? Normally, he’s always on time.”

(Another 15 minutes pass.)

Mother: “I’m starting to get worried. Do you think something happened to him?”

Me: “Relax, Mom. I’m sure he’s just talking with friends or something.”

(After ten more minutes, my mother tries to call him, but he doesn’t answer his phone. She’s really worried by now. But then, my brother shows up, carrying several large boxes.)

Mother: “[Brother]! Where were you?! I was so worried!”

Brother: *smiling gleefully* “I went to the bakery! Today was my last lesson ever with Mrs. [Teacher]! I bought cake for everyone; let’s celebrate!”

(He had bought three whole cakes, enough for the whole family and neighborhood, so we ended up throwing a huge No Mrs.[Teacher] Party and had still cake for the next three days.)

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