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Cake And Abel

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My dad’s family is a bit entitled. It’s my grandparents’ fiftieth wedding anniversary. Upon our arrival, my dad seeks out the caterer and shows him the cake he made.

Dad: “It’s a family tradition for me to make cakes for special occasions. Would it be okay if I distribute the cake at the end of the meal? We brought paper plates and plastic forks for it.”

Caterer: *Horrified*  “There will be no paper plates on one of my arrangements! I will cut the cake and distribute it on proper China.”

Dad: “Okay, thank you.”

He hands him the cake. He secretly suspects that part of the reason is that the caterer wants to find out how my dad created a cake a meter long (a bit over a yard) in a household oven.

Next comes my uncle. He’s playing in a national sports team and has a tournament today, making him late. He arrives after the main course, and he just enters the kitchen area without an introduction and starts fumbling the food and munching on it. Strangely, he gets chased out by the caterer. He protests.

Uncle: “My parents are paying the bill! I can do as I wish.”

I’m pretty sure that if he had properly introduced himself and explained the situation, he would have had the whole meal and not the put-together dish he had now.

Can you guess which brother praised the service and which one loathed it?

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