Caffeine It Forward

, , , | Right | February 13, 2021

My local coffee chain offers a free beverage on your birthday.

Me: “Good morning! It’s my birthday! I’d like my free beverage, please!”

Cashier: “Oh, happy birthday! What would you like?”

Me: “How about that new fancy drink on the poster behind you? Have you had it yet?”

Cashier: “No, I haven’t had it yet.”

Me: “Then please take some of mine, okay? I don’t mind getting only half of it. Keep some for yourself and taste it, okay?”

Cashier: “Oh, wow. That’s very kind of you. What size?”

Me: “It’s free, right? Give me the biggest one! And you’ll get some of it, right?”

And thus, it is agreed upon.

Then, I look at the empty shop, with four employees busily taking care of the drive-thru. And I announce:

Me: “Hey, [Coffee Chain], it’s my birthday and I get a free drink! So, I got the biggest, bougie-est drink of them all, and I want to share it with you guys! Just put half of it in my cup and split the other half amongst all y’all, okay? It’s free and I am happy to share!”

And that’s what happened. Thirty ounces was more than enough to share, and OMG, wow, I am glad that I shared it! That coffee was strong!

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