Caffeination Discrimination 

, , , , | Right | September 3, 2020

I’m at a gas station that has impressive quality coffee. I walk in and notice the worker brewing some fresh coffee. She tells me that it’ll be a few minutes and I say I’ll wait. During this time, a woman comes in and almost shoves me aside, despite there being plenty of room, but I’m too tired to care.

Me: “I know coffee is brewing, so it’ll be a few, but at least we get fresh coffee.”

Customer: “You mean to f****** tell me that every d*** urn is brewing?”

Me: “Looks like it. But fresh coffee!”

Customer: “Every d*** urn is f****** empty?!”

Me: “Um. I’d rather wait a few and have fresh coffee than have stuff that’s been sitting for hours.”

Customer: “WELL, THAT DOESN’T F****** MATTER NOW!”

A worker steps in and lets her get some coffee while it’s brewing. I wait for mine to finish and go up to the counter. She pays and tries arguing with the worker, so they open another register. I use a coupon and get my coffee free.


Worker: “She used a coupon.”

Customer: “I WANT MY—”

Her friend comes and drags her away. The friend comes back and pays before marching out to yell at the woman. I think that’s the end of it until I’m at work the next day. I’m still tired so I don’t fully register that it’s the same lady from yesterday.

Customer: “I want your f****** manager.”

Me: “Oh. Um… May I ask what for?”

Customer: “You f****** know.”

I get my manager and clean my area. When I’m done, I ask my manager what happened. He tells me.

Customer: “That girl was rude!”

Manager: “What’d she do?!”

Customer: “She backtalked me at [Gas Station]!”

Manager: “Uh… was she in uniform?”

Customer: “No, but she’s rude and needs to be fired!”

Manager: “I can’t punish her for being rude off the clock and out of uniform. Did she say she worked here?”

Customer: “No!”

Manager: “Let me get this straight. You came in here, saw her, and got angry over something she did off the clock, and you want to fire her?”

Customer: “Yes!”

Manager: “Well, judging by just us talking, you’re lucky she didn’t f****** slap you for being so rude. Get out of the store.”

The woman sputtered and stormed out. She tried speeding off but hit forward instead of reverse and went right into a light pole. Karma!

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