Caffeinated And Educated

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(My older sister will start applying for university next year, so our family takes a summer road trip to visit a few campuses. She’s laid back and low-energy and mostly sees school as a necessity, while our engineer dad has always been that one nerd who genuinely loved everything about school, including studying, and can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t. We’ve just sat through a lengthy, dry math seminar at a focused math-and-science college. Dad comes out energized and excited. My sister comes out mentally exhausted and cranky.)

Dad: *looking around eagerly for tour options* “So, what are we going to do now—”

Sister: “NOW… we are going to get coffee.”

Dad: “Okay, and then—”

Sister: “AND THEN… we are going to drink the coffee.”

(He finally got the hint that she needed a break. I don’t think she’ll be applying to that place.)

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