C***-Blocked By The Captain

, | Romantic | March 25, 2014

(It’s my first time in my girlfriend’s bedroom. We’re on the bed, getting into it.)

Girlfriend: “Oh, oh, oh, Steve.”

Me: *freezing* “Who the f*** is Steve?”

(She freezes also, and turns bright red.)

Girlfriend: “Um. Steve…” *flinches* “Rogers?”

Me: “What?”

(She reaches into the table beside her bed, and pulls out a movie magazine.)

Girlfriend: “So. Yeah. Um. Yeah. Fair warning: If ever the opportunity arises, I’m totally leaving you for Captain America.”

Me: “…Yeah, I’d probably leave you for him, too.”

(We stare at each other for under a minute before putting the movie on and resuming our activities.)

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