By Gum, They Finally Got It!

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I’m ringing out a family. So far, they’ve been polite, and the mom seems happy with the total. As we don’t have a lot of counter space, a lot of customers just hold their items until there’s some room. I’m almost done when an opened package of gum is set on the counter. There’s none missing, but it’s still been unsealed.

Mom: “Oh, my son didn’t want this.”

Me: “Ma’am, you opened it.”

Mom: “Well, yeah, but he didn’t eat any. You can just tape it closed or something.”

Me: “It doesn’t matter; you’ve opened it.”

Our policy is that once you’ve opened any food item, you must purchase it.

Mom: “That’s bulls***! If he doesn’t want it, I’m not buying it!”

I’m shocked at her sudden change in demeanor. I page my manager. She comes up pretty quickly, while I’m still explaining that she has to buy the gum.

Manager: “What’s the issue here?”

Mom: “My son picked this up and didn’t want it. He didn’t eat any, but this b**** says I have to buy it anyway because it came open!”

Manager: “Yes, ma’am. We can no longer ensure it’s safe to eat, as we don’t know if anything has gotten into it. And since your son has opened it, you are responsible.”

Mom: “But he didn’t eat any! Why should I pay for it when he hasn’t even eaten it or doesn’t want to?!”

Manager: “Ma’am, if you found this gum like this on the shelf, would you want to buy it?”

Mom: “Of course not! It’s open!”

My manager waited for the woman to realize. It took her a second before she quietly put the gum on the counter again. I scanned it, and she didn’t speak for the rest of the transaction.

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