By Gum, A Female!

, , , | Right | May 25, 2020

I work in the tear-down department of a company that refurbishes the engines of large farm equipment such as combines. It isn’t uncommon to have the sales guys walk customers through the safe zones — marked with yellow paint lines — on a tour of the facility.  

I’m female. It’s after lunchtime, and I’ve been to a fast food restaurant and gotten a barrette of a famous feline as my kid meal toy, and I am currently sporting it pinned to the front of the hair bun on top of my head.

I am assigned to take apart the cylinder heads, and my workbench for that day happens to be right alongside a safe zone. A salesman strolls past with customers in tow, one of whom is an older gent with a pronounced limping gait.  

Suddenly, the older gent stops. He takes a few steps to do a 180 and comes back to my workbench. He squints at me and takes a pair of glasses out of a pocket. Thinking he wants to see what I am doing, I tell him the make and model combine that this part came off of.

Me: “Do you have a similar machine?”

He backs up a step, looks again with his glasses on, and utters this gem:

Old Gent: “By Gum! You are a girl!”

I look at my grubby, torn up hands.

Me: “Yes, sir. Good thing they make fake fingernails, huh?”

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