Buying Their Lights But No One’s Home  

, , , , | Working | December 4, 2019

(I am shopping for some lights for a bike at one of the types of stores that sells just about everything. After picking up some lights, I spot a water bottle that has clearly been chewed up by rats. The transparent cap is about a quarter missing with teeth marks all around the edge, and there are a few marks on the nozzle itself. I grab the bottle and bring it up to the register with my actual purchase.)

Me: “Hello. I am only going to purchase this today. I brought the bottle up to give to you because it has been chewed on by rats and I figured you probably would want to damage it out.”

(This is a term we often use at my store for taking damaged merchandise out of inventory, but clearly, the cashier is not familiar with it.)

Me: “This has been eaten by rats, so I assume you probably don’t want it hanging up on the wall.”

Cashier: “You still want it like this?”

Me: “No, I don’t. You guys should probably throw it out.”

(The cashier has a blank expression and is mostly just staring at me, so I figure it isn’t worth continuing to try to get her to understand what I mean.)

Me: “Just ring me up for the lights, okay?”

Cashier: “Okay.”

(I paid and left, and she put the bottle over in an area clearly meant for returning items to the shelves. Hopefully, whoever puts it away isn’t her and has a bit more sense. You would think a store wouldn’t want their customers to know they have a rat problem in their warehouse.)

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