But Where Would They Keep The Guns?!

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(My British friend and I are on a road trip in the USA that started in California and wound around to Kansas before heading back. She’s been to the states before, but a lot of what’s going on around us still involves some minor cultural differences. She’s also a massive fan of the TV show “Supernatural,” which is how we ended up in Kansas to begin with. We’re stopped at a red light on a four-lane highway when she asks me a question out of the blue.)

Friend: “Are Dodges small vehicles?”

Me: *knowing that’s a question that has an ambiguous answer at best* “Why do you ask?”

Friend: “There’s a story in the fandom that the car in Supernatural was supposed to be a Dodge Charger, but they changed it to an Impala on the day of the first shoot because they couldn’t fit a dead body in the back of the Charger.”

Me: “Ah. Next lane, two cars up. That’s a Charger.” *it is, indeed, a smaller car but I don’t think it’s particularly noteworthy* “And that white thing coming at us is also a Dodge.”

(She looks across at the oncoming traffic and sees a Dodge Ram 3500 with a long box, extended cab, duallies, and a lift kit.)

Friend: “Oh.”

Me: “North American vehicles will fall anywhere between ‘can park it on the sidewalk’ and ‘built to tow a house up a mountain.’ Usually from the same brand.”

(Later, after getting back home, I’m relating this story to my mother. I get as far as telling her about the switch in vehicles before she cuts me off.)

Mom: “You can so stick a dead body in the back of a Charger! Just keep folding! Your grandmother once brought a moose home in a Gremlin, for crying out loud! Heck, given the right incentive, I could fit a body in the hatch of that Fiat we rented in Montreal, and that thing was tiny! They are showing that dead body far too much respect!”

(For the record, every single one of my relatives had the same reaction to this story. Mom’s particular spiel was just the most memorable.)

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