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But… The Cheese Is Right There

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This happens a while ago before the health crisis starts. I stop by a fast food place for lunch and use a self-service kiosk to place my order. I order a sandwich, bacon and cheese fries, and a drink. I get my receipt and sit down and wait for them to bring to food out.

Food comes, but instead of bacon and cheese fries, it’s just an order of fries with a side of cheese sauce. Thinking this may be my mistake since I placed it at the kiosk, I double-check my receipt and see that I did, in fact, order bacon and cheese. I take the order up to the counter along with my receipt and the convo goes like this.

Me: “Excuse me, I ordered bacon and cheese fries and I only got cheese.”

I show her the receipt.

Employee: “Yes, the cheese is right there.”

She points at the cup of cheese.

Me: “I know that, but I order it with cheese and bacon.”

I show her the receipt again. The employee gets irritated and points to the cheese again.

Employee: “The cheese is right there.”

Now knowing this will just go around in circles, I try a different approach.

Me: “I know the cheese is right there, but if you look at the receipt, it’s supposed to have bacon also. Where is the bacon?”

At this point, the cashier has a blank look on her face and is completely confused.

Me: “Can you get a manager, please?”

She goes off to get the manager, who comes over, and I show him the receipt and explain that I ordered bacon and cheese and only got cheese.

Manager: “The cheese is right there.”

He points to the cheese.

Me: “What do I have to do to get bacon, as well, since I paid for it?”

The manager looks confused, as well, and then looks at the cashier.

Manager: “Just give him an order with bacon and cheese. I don’t feel like dealing with this right now.”

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