But ConspiracyNut69 On An Online Forum Said It’s Fake!

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My dad got his bachelor’s in industrial engineering from Cornell — on a full academic scholarship no less! — and his master’s in public health from Harvard, both in the 1970s. He has spent the last forty-four years of his life with his job being his biggest passion other than my mother, my sister, and me.

A year into the health crisis, and fully vaccinated, he goes to the grocery store for the first time in a year. Another customer walks in behind him, not properly masked.

Store Employee: “Sir, please pull your mask up.”

Other Customer: “Oh, that doesn’t matter.”

Store Manager: “Actually, sir, it’s our rules that you have to wear your mask properly.”

Other Customer: “I have my right to my beliefs!” *Blah blah* “First amendment!” *Blah blah* “You have no right to make me!”

My dad steps in.

Dad: “Actually, sir, you really should wear it as a matter of public health; it protects you but also everyone else. We need to protect both ourselves and each other with this going around.”

The customer whips around to face my dad and snarls.

Other Customer: “Oh, yeah?! Where’d you get your degree in public health?!”

Dad: “Harvard.”

The other customer stomps out of the store while the manager laughs. Dad approaches the manager.

Dad: “Sorry for losing you a customer.”

Store Manager: “Were you serious or just trolling a troll?”

Dad: “No, I really have a master’s in public health!”

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