But Are You Suuuuuure?

, , , | Right | August 7, 2020

I have just started my shift. Within five minutes, a lady and her son walk in and wave me over from across the sales floor.

Customer: “Hi, can I see that webcam?”

Me: “Sure.”

I unlock the case and hold the box in front of the customer. Store policy is not to completely hand a product within a glass case to a customer.

Customer: “Do you have [other model] available in the back?”

Me: “No, we fill up the glass cases every night, and we have not received a new shipment of that one yet.”

Customer: “Oh, okay, does this one work on a Mac?”

I look for the box information.

Me: “Even if it doesn’t say that it does, there are new drivers on the company’s website to allow it to work. I actually have this model and I use it with my Mac.”

Customer: “Are you sure?” *Stares at me* “What Mac do you have?”

Me: “A MacBook pro that I got around four years ago.”

Customer: “I have that one, too. So, what’s the return policy?”

Me: “Fourteen days. If for any reason you want to return it, just put it all back in the box and bring it back with the receipt.”

Customer: “Are you sure?” *Stares at me*

Me: *Uncomfortably* “Yeah, I’m sure. If you pay with credit, it will take three days for the refund, though.”

The customer just stares.

Me: “Well, do you want to buy it?”

The customer stares at me and speaks with a mean tone.

Customer: “Are you sure it will work with a Mac? It doesn’t say it on the box.”

Me: “I’m sure. As I said, all you really have to do is go to the company’s website.”

Customer: “And you’re sure the return policy is fourteen days?”

Me: “Yes, as I said before, it is, and it will work on your Mac.”

Customer: “So, you’re sure about this, right?”

The customer just keeps staring at me, and after a minute, I look at her son and he just smiles. Seeing how they are acting, I proceed to put the webcam back into the case and close and lock it.

Customer: “Why are you locking it?!”

Me: “You do not seem to be interested in the webcam. I answered all your questions and you ignored me.”

Customer: “Well, that’s rude; you shouldn’t do that! I am asking questions because I want to make sure.”

Me: “Okay, but why would my answers change?”

Customer: “That doesn’t matter; you were being rude. That’s rude!”

In my head, I say, “So staring me down and asking the same questions, not because you did not hear the person but just because you want to make sure, and also just making a person uncomfortable, is not rude at all?

Me: “So, would you like to buy it?”

Customer: “Yes.”

Me: “Okay, I will put it in the front; just wait in line.”

I put the webcam in the front and walk over to my coworkers, who were watching.

Me: “I always get the mean customers.”

Female Coworker: “Who yelled at you this time?”

Me: “A mean lady.”

Male Coworker: “Man, you do always get yelled at.”

Me: “Yep.”

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