Busting His (Judo) Chops

| Learning | July 16, 2013

(I’m a skinny girl going to high school. I’ve been studying karate for the past 10 years, and finally got graded to full black-belt. Some kids try and tease me in the cafeteria.)

Student: “Hey! It’s the little ninja.”

(I ignore him.)

Student: “I bet you’re still a white-belt because you’re just a girl. Girls can’t fight.”

(The student nudges his buddies in a typical ‘watch this’ fashion, and tries to throw the sloppiest round-house I’ve ever seen in my life. I catch his foot and push him back, landing on his rear.)

Me: “Actually, I just earned my black-belt last night, and I’ll be teaching my first class tomorrow. By the way, if you still do judo, you suck at it.”

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